Pink Topaz

Pink topaz is the rarest topaz that is found on the earth along with the red one. This is exclusively found only in the Brazilian town of Ouro Preto and attracts the attention of anyone who encounters it. This is due to the hue of the stone, and we are well aware that pink is women’s color and preferred by mostly all the ladies out there.

This article contains information about the pink topaz for you to get acquainted with this precious colored stone.

Value of pink topaz

Due to its rarity, this precious colored topaz is very expensive and valuable and is often cut to maximize rough yield. The vibrant pink color topaz is the most beloved and costs around $3500 for a carat, whereas more than 5 carat gemstones of this type are hard to find. Due to the increasing demand, these pink colored topaz are also produced through chemical processes in laboratories, which do not cost a lot of money.

Why is it pink?

While topaz is initially colorless, the pink hue of this colored topaz is due to the presence of chromium in it. This mineral gets trapped in the stones in the formation process and gives the gem all the prettiness and uniqueness it holds. The color becomes darker with the amount of chromium present in it. So, the one with lesser chromium is light pinkish, and the darker tones contain more chromium.

Optical Properties

Colors do give an aura, and some shades are rare, but these do not change the properties of the stone; therefore, the properties of pink-colored topaz are similar to any colored topaz or colorless ones. These properties are:

Hardness on Mohs Scale:


Specific Gravity: 3.53:


Refractive Index: 1.610:


Mystical Properties

  • It is said to revitalize the wearer’s energy.
  • Due to the inherence of the mystical properties, it was used in major ceremonial proceedings and prayers in ancient times.
  • This stone is also carried, or people wear it, believing that it enhances creativity and widens our thoughts.
  • It also strengthens your willpower and guides you to follow the right path making you believe in yourself and attaining your dreams.
  • It clears your head and brings you to the most valid perspective in different situations, making your decisions simple.
  • Some people wear this due to the belief that it protects the wearer from all kinds of injuries or mishappenings.

Interesting Facts

  • The largest known pink topaz is an oval-shaped gemstone of more than 75 carats from Russia.
  • It looks excellent in low-light due to its transparency and high refraction, and due to this, it is also called the “stone of the night.”
  • Greek and Romans in the ancient period wore this gem as an extraordinary gemstone.
  • People in the classical era believed that the pink colored topaz hides the energy from the demonic and the evil.


Having seen all the properties and interesting facts, it is quite clear why this gemstone is preferred by people, and it is worth all the pain that one goes through in finding the real and natural pink topaz. Due to its hardness, it can be worn regularly.

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