Brown Topaz

Brown topaz is a natural gemstone, silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine that is available in abundance. It is a standard topaz color, and because of its shade, this gemstone is sometimes mistakenly called “smoky quartz.” The genuine topaz is pleochroic, which means that the gem can radiate different colors in different crystal directions. 

In this article, we will know a little more about the gemstone, its healing properties, and some interesting facts.


It is mined in Brazil, which enjoys a monopoly.


Despite being lesser in demand, these gemstones are needed to further treat and modify their colors to the ones that are higher in demand and have increased value.

These gemstones are treated in extreme temperatures and through the process of irradiation to give them a lovely hue. These are also coated with a thin layer that is only a few in microns to turn it to mystic topaz that is extremely popular among people.


Brown Topaz is the most common color and available in plentiful quantities, and hence it is quite cheaper and less valuable than other colors that are rare and hard to find. These are increasingly used in ornamental articles and highly in demand.

Chemical and Optical Properties

Formula: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2

Hardness on Mohs scale: 8

Cleavage: Perfect

Fracture: Subconchoidal to uneven

Luster: Vitreous

Specific gravity: 3.49–3.57

Optical properties: Biaxial (+)

Refractive index: 1.606-1.644

Healing Properties

  • It helps you in avoiding dangers and shows you the most right way to succeed.
  • It helps in clearing your head of all the confusion and brings clarity in your mind that further gets reflected in your thoughts.
  • It motivates you to get better and attain success in anything you do in life.
  • This stone also provides the user with tremendous empathetic ability, and the user can empathize with people.
  • Wearing this stone makes you generous and kind.
  • This gemstone promotes openness, honesty, self-realization, and self-control, making you a better person and lead a great life.
  • It also helps in lightening up your mind and uplifting it in stressful situations, along with giving you hope to cope up with stressful situations.

Interesting Facts

  • It was a holy stone that was on the great priest’s breastplate. The twelve gemstones that had been used were the symbol of 12 heavenly angels. 
  • The Ancient and the Greeks believed that the Brown Topaz had an angel’s energy with extraordinary power inside. 
  • Successive priests and emperors have used it due to its immense powers.


The gemstone is not much in demand, but it has plenty of healing capacity that makes it a must-have in your collection of gems. It serves in multiple ways, enhancing your aesthetic value and helping you with the emotional turbulence.

This gemstone is a November birthstone, but it also brings good luck to anyone who wears it.

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