Blue Topaz Birthstone

We must have all heard about birthstones somewhere or the other, and there are several gems each allotted to different months that becomes the lucky stone for the person born in that month. Similarly, Blue Topaz is the birthstone for people born in December, and it gives several benefits to those who wear this stone engraved in their rings or other jewelry. 

Further, let us also look in the course of this article why these stones are lucky for December borns and what are the benefits people harness by wearing this gemstone.

What is the Purpose of Wearing Blue Topaz as a Birthstone?

Since each month has a designated birthstone, these tend to benefit the wearer based on their stars; that is why people consider visiting an astrologist or a numerologist first before adorning a birthstone. Some of the benefits are stated below:

  • Blue Topaz, worn by December borns, bring good luck, health, and prosperity to their life and make it better and worth living. 
  • It also provides you inner strength and determination to fight difficult situations and come out as a winner from the toughest times.
  • It is believed to improve communication and gives you the ability to put your point across in the most appropriate manner.
  • It also helps in developing a spiritual connection, which in turn enables you to attain peace of mind and a special bond with the almighty.

Why is this a December birthstone

  • Despite being derived from the Sanskrit word “Tapas,” which means fire, this stone is said to possess cooling properties, and those born in December are believed to be short-tempered and hot-headed. This stone calms them and provides some energy that relaxes them.
  • Each month in a year represents a change in the year. All of these changes together constitute part of the more significant cycle that occurs each year with birth, rebirth, and death. Since the gemstones devoted to each month align with the season, our spiritual and mental energy, some of which also emit religious powers, and even the abilities that provide aid in physical and psychological health. 
  • One of the significant reasons for blue topaz being the December birthstone is its hue; because of its vibrant blue color, it becomes a color for December; otherwise, topaz is a birthstone for people born in November.
  • December is cold, and the blue hue is an addition to the icy winters, which becomes a lovely adornment along with benefitting you on a metaphysical level.

Are there substitutes for this gemstone?

December is known to have a total of 3 colored gemstones that are blue in color. These are Zircon, Tanzanite, and Turquoise, all of which possess a unique blue hue. The blue is preferred because it adds brilliance to the winter season.


Blue Topaz efficiently fulfills the role of being the birthstone for December. It balances your energy points and brings stability. Blue Topaz is also gifted as a sign of fidelity and love. It is a promise for dedication and commitment. 

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