Imperial Topaz

Gemstones are increasingly becoming popular among people; some of these are very rare and extremely beautiful. Someone with little knowledge might think topaz to be mere stones available in abundance in the market. Still, some of these like Imperial Topaz are the rarest topaz, which ranges from vibrant reddish-orange, sherry red, pink orange peach, vivid deep salmon pink, champagne yellow, orange to golden yellowish brown shades.

This article is a guide to imperial topaz and states various benefits and other factors that make this gemstone valuable.


The primary source for these gems is the Ouro Preto mines of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Some of its deposits were also found in the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Pricing and Value

All the gemstones are valued based on 4c’s, and similarly, the price and value of Imperial Topaz vary depending on the cut, carat, clarity, and color of the gemstone. The larger stones are expensive, while the smaller ones are less costly. The loose gemstones are less costly and available in a variety of colors.


The true naturally produced Imperial Topaz is always untreated, and those which are further enhanced through artificial means such as irradiation are not regarded as genuine Imperial Topaz. 

Chemical and Optical Properties

  • Refractive Index: 1.610-1.630
  • Chemical Composition: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2
  • Hardness: 8
  • Density: 2.64 – 2.65
  • Clarity: Eye-clean
  • Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic

Metaphysical Properties

  • It gives you the ability to attain a higher perspective on situations and form a highly regarded opinion.
  • It protects the wearer from negative energies by alarming them beforehand and keeping them safe and positive.
  • It boosts up your physical energy. Hence, it provides both physical and mental strength to the wearer.
  • It makes you more accepting and forgiving, and you accept yourself and others with all the flaws.
  • Apart from its emotional strengthening and healing effects, it also relieves symptoms of the stomach, digestive pain, or gastric upset and provides various health effects.

How to Select real gemstones

While selecting Imperial Topaz, keep a few things in mind to avoid scams going on in the marketplace and be fooled. Always ensure to examine the gem under different light sources. Since topaz is available in a variety of colors and these colors are best tested under proper light sources. Colors like orange, pink, and red are better observed under incandescent light. Blue topaz should be examined in daylight or fluorescent light, and it can be considered a natural one if it gives radiant colors.

Interesting Facts

  • This gorgeous mineral was only known to a few people when several specimens of the mineral were bought by Constantin, the most respected and well-known gem trader, for the first time in the 1980s.
  • “Blaze Imperial Topaz” is the most famous in this category that weighs 97.45 carats and is displayed in the USA at the Field Museum of Natural History.


Imperial Topaz is beautiful and grand. Its features are worthy of a crystal with high qualities. This well-cut crystal looks terrific.

The best way to get the most out of this gemstone is to wear it in a ring. This might be one reason for imperial topaz rings being the most popular choice.

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